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Up-to the Minute news from the Irish Republican Web Committee ! ! !

Stop by the information page. Try for some excellent Republican News. You have to stop by the H-Block 4 page , and see what you can do to help block extradition. Northern Ireland's hopes fears and aspirations can be seen in the Political Wall Murals. There is a Britain based organization trying to get the Troops Out . The Ballad of James Connolly is one of me favorite republican songs, so I'll share it with ye. Another of the Great heroes in Irish history, is Michael Collins. Now online is the Sinn Fein's 1/10/96 submission to the International body, Building a Permanent Peace In Ireland.A 09/01/95 statement from the I.R.A. is a must read. Check it out !!! The Framework Document and the Irish Constitution will give you something to read on those nights you can't sleep. And the Irish Law Page can be VERY interesting.If you want a more current view, stop by the Republican Prisoner page and the Where is Liberty? page. Check out the status of Northern Ireland Elections - 1996 . We may not be invited to the "All Party Talks", but YOU are invited to the Internet All Party Talks .

Political Parties

Stop by the Sinn Fein information page for an insight to TPO's beliefs. Other political parties include Republican Sinn Fein , the Fianna Fail , Fine Gael , the Irish Democratic Left The Irish Republican Socialist Party (of North America) and the Alliance Party (which I know little about). If you want anything in an Orange color, go somewhere else ! ! !

If you have a sound card, try The Great Fenian Ram .

Irish History

It was difficult separating "history" from "political" links, but bear with me ok? Sure as most of one belong with the other, but I have just tried a "current" vs "historical" thingie...Let's start with the all important Famine Page that will put things in a historical perspective. Here is a collection of contemporary reports on the Famine of 1845-1851. A final stop at the Great Famine No review of Irish history would be complete without a stop at the Irish History Page and the Bloody Sunday page. Cork University Press Is an excellent source of Irish academic works. In order to truly love Ireland, you must learn about Irish Folk Legends such as Banshees and Faeries. Ireland has for centuries been a country of Myth, Legend and Folklore . What can I say? Irish Mythology is fascinating stuff, and without understanding the A to Z of Ancient Ireland, can we really hope to understand what being Irish is all about?

Guinness Goodies

Have a , while you read .

New WORKING version!!! Download a FREE Guinness Screen saver for Windows !!!! This really is cool !! (1.3 MB). Here is a set of Guinness wallpaper for Windows each file has 6 scenes: Rugby , Football, Education , and Wildcard. These are all self un-acrhiving files, just move to your Windows Directory, then run them. (Use your Control Panel to install them.) Perhaps you would like one of the Guinness posters, Poster1, or Poster2. to REALLY understand life, read the Guin ness FAQ . and certainly worth the wait, the Guinness Brewing Home Page from St. James's Gate.

Just for Charlene, here is the Official Site.

Níl mórán Gaelige agam !!!

I have only recently started Irish classes, and have found a wealth of Gaelic resources on the net. Try downloading a Gaelic font (TTF) for windows. Irish Lessons (basic) are available, as well as Irish lessons (more advanc ed) and a more indepth Irish Course. rticles in Gaelic appear weelky in A n Phoblacht . The Gaelic Column is updated regularly, and has articles in both english and Gaelic. There are a couple reference works, this Gaelic Dictionary and JTM offers 3 searchable Gaelic Dictionaries . There is a Gaelic Mail List called Gaelic-L that you'll want to be on. Yamada's Gaelic Language Guide has some downloadable fonts for PCs and Mac computers. JTM has a terrific Gaelic Page, as does Jim Michael in Fresno. The Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts has both Scottish and Irish Gaelic links. The Gaelic Music Archives have some real treats, if you are equipped with sound.. Here are several more Gaelic links .

Irish Newspapers

Try An Phoblacht for some current Republican News, The Limerick Post The Belfast Telegraph , the Donne g al Democrat, the Silgo Weekender, the Munster Express , the Galway Advertiserthe Connaught Telegraph, the Clare Champion, the Irish News, the Andresonstown News, the Western People (from Co. Mayo), the Iris h Times, the Irish Emigrant and the Clare Champion and for Irish papers in America, try the , or the Irish People. A pretty daecent Magazine in America is the . Great reading in tehCaptive Voice which is written entirely by Irish POWs in Ireland, England and the USA.

Irish Poetry / Literature

Let's start with a visit to one of the greatest modern day poets, Pulitzer prize winning Seamus Heaney. Here's a comprehensive listing of poetry by Yeats. Another page for the same William Butler Yeats. Whatever you do, don't miss a stop at the James Joyce Page . The Irish Poetry Page is a great place to spend the afternoon, and they even have a link to O'Halloran's Poetry O'Page. Here is a site with some interesting Irish Literature . Some beautiful poetry from Máighréad Medbh . A very interesting page with stories and poetry is Nua-Dan. Some poetry from Margaret O'Beirne and others. Here's a site with over 300 Iris h Song Lyrics.

Irish - General Interest

Just discovered a great Photo site, Irish Photo Shop Be sure to check it out, they have photos of every village and town in Ireland.

When traveling through Donegal, treat yourself to a stay in one fo the genuine Donegal Thatched Cottages.If you are headed for Wexford, you will be delighted at the hospitality at Selskar Lounge and Townhouse. While we're on the topic of lodging, when you are in Michigan, be sure to stay at my friend Will O'Glenn's Irish Bed & Breakfast Inn

Are you building or even thinking of building an Irish website? make sure that you contact World of Links for that touch of experience. Want to buy property in Ireland? Be sure to stop by the Irish Property Page

Check out the great new site at Celtic Crafts !! Ireland's Olympic Page has sold all their merchandise, but remains a super site with a lot of good info! A great site if you have a lot of time is the . Also worthy of note is Ireland Mall. A good starting point for things Irish is Diane Shaw's Irish Page , I visit often, as I am sure you will. Atlantic Island is another fresh site of and about Ireland, with goodies being added regularly. The Irish Soccer Home Page is new here... as is the Irish Shopping Mall A map of Irish Web Sites is here. The Guinness Home Page is a must too!! The City of Cork & Northern Ireland Home Pages have some interesting stuff also! For the educational interests, try the universities at Cork and Dublin . You GOTTA eat !!! so, here are some Irish Recipes. Perhaps you've thought about Incorproating in Ireland , (also see Company Corporation of Ireland ). Or maybe you want to check out the Irish Aviation scene. If you are planning to move to Ireland, you'll want to look at the Irish Property Market Page and perhaps even the Irish Jobs Page . Ever thought about tracing your roots? There's a few good starting points at the Northern Ireland Family History Society and at the Irish Family History Foundation. The Irish National Archives is a must see (esp. the transportation records (how many of YOUR relatives were shipped out for "stealing a sheep"?)). You may want info on the Ireland - America Society . The Irish Trade Web promotes Irish business worldwide as does the Irish Business Network .

Traveling Through Ireland

Any tour 's success depends on proper planning, and I hope to provide the resources to allow you to plan a trip anywhere in Ireland. I would recommend starting with Visunet's Tourism Page for starters.. Carolyn Von B. has a great paper called On The Road that will prep you for your journey. Here's what the webmaster calls the Complete Guide to Ireland . If you are in Donegal, why not stay in a Thatched cottage ? You may want to contact Celtic Tours about a regional tour package. Sail West of Galway has sailing tours for the sea ready traveler. If you are traveling in The North, stop by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board Home Page . Or their O f ficial Home Page . CityNet will give you some local information for many of the cities you may want to visit. And if you plan on going ANYWHERE, you'll need a Map of Ireland .

Irish Music sites

Catch the excitement of Riverdance. Any Irish music page needs a link to U-2, Charlene's U2 Page is probably the best on the WWW . The Chieftains, James Galway, and Van Morrison . Traditional Celtic Music seems to be in abundance on the net, Ceolas page has lots of links to more!!! What could be more traditional than the Irish Weavers ? A Hot new group is Goats Don't Shave. One of the most uniquely Irish sounds is the bodhrán . I can't believe that I've not had a link to Clannad till now.... Thanks to Charlene (again...) we've also got The Cranberries, Ash , Enya , The Corrs and of course, Black 47 and (of course) The Pogues, Coming soon, we'll have Sinead O'Connor, Chris De Burgh, and The Boomtown Rats. Here's a site with over 300 Irish Song Lyrics

TPO's O'Halloran Sites

Updated 12/21/01 after extreme pressure from Candice and Perry ;-)
Let's Start with a page that has the O'Halloran Coat of Arms (thanks Pat O'Halloran)! Next we have John O'Halloran's Gold Coast Bulletin. Followed (in no sober manner) by Kerry O'Halloran's Metro State College (Denver) Page. .... John and Sally O'Halloran's Page is (almost) worth the trip... (grin...) But even that page is more fulfilling than Michael O'Halloran's Page Here's the O'Halloran Hill Campus (in Australia).... Here's Aisling O'halloran's Page (but dont bother going !!! ) (this IS REALLY FUN !!!) Here's an O'Halloran in the Irish Times.... Cynthia O'Halloran is in Tourisim Planning (in Michigan)... here's a memorial page in honor of Peter Joseph O'Halloran ...and here's another waste of drive space, Andrew Halloran at Melbourn Uni... Let's not forget Leslie O'Halloran in the Irish Times. Ah!!!... Maureen O'Halloran has a real web page !!! as does Professor Terry O'Halloran and Jim O'Halloran in Australia. Professor Thomas O'Halloran in in Utah...while Thomas V. O'Halloran is at Northwestern University. ... Winner of the most useless web site on the Internet (at least in the O'Halloran catagory...) has to be Anne O'Halloran at the University of Brittish Columbia... If you need a Barrister, (I MIGHT after that last comment !!!) you might want to call Paul O'Halloran who works out of Perth.

Here is a great O'Halloran Family Geneology Forum.   Chris O'Halloran is becomming a cottage industry unto herself with web page development. Terry J O'Halloran is a lab professor at U-Texas. Pat O'Halloran has Pat's Place carved out as his Web Presence.   Sheila's Musical Zoo is Sheila O'Halloran's rather classy contribution to this mess... Peter O'Halloran, has a professional Photography site that is very nice.   Susan O'Halloran seems to be a Diversity Consultant...  Sounds a little too pllitically Correct for my taste.  Dr. John O'Halloran is HERE and it seems this Naturalist has written more research papers than anyone on the planet...Patrick Ohalloran is a Prof. at University of Wisconsin-Waukesha  Two year old Annie has a darling Photo on Annies Page.

Sharyn O'Halloran is an Associate Prof at Columbia University.  Dan Lord O'Halloran has his site HERE, but for the life of me, I cant figure out why... but Linda O'Halloran gives us some sound advice on writing a Resume Anthony O'Halloran, is yet another Photographer. Andrew O'Halloran has a delightfully minimilist site right Here.  Greg O'Halloran has his Art in Context site online.   ... Winner of the most useless web site on the Internet (at least in the O'Halloran catagory...) has to be Anne O'Halloran at the University of Brittish Columbia... If you need a Barrister, (I MIGHT after that last comment !!!) you might want to call Paul O'Halloran who works out of Perth.  And Stephen O'Halloran is giving Anne a run for the money in the most Useless site catagory.  Kathryn O'Halloran is a PhD at Lincoln University in New Zealand.  The lovely Elizabeth F. O'Halloran is a lecturer at the University of Virginia Medical Center

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