TPO's Hacking sites

Disclaimer: The files contained within this page, and those files resulting from the links from this page are for informational purposes only... The best way to ensure a secure system, is to "think like a hacker" thus I believe that one must become familiar with hacker sites and tools in order to prevent them from getting into your system. I will not be held responsible for what you do with the information you receive as a direct result of visiting my web

Included below is my personal list of sites that I often visit. Some are personal friends of mine, whilst others contain archives of *very* useful files that you may need in your quest for knowledge. Although many of the sites contain various aspects of H/P/C, I have listed them according to the most predominant venture of that particular page. NONE of the links listed below are merely sites with other links!! You will find files and/or information everywhere that you go. Enjoy!!

TPO's Cracking sites

TPO's H/C/P Zines

TPO's Security Sites