Gale MinchewHello!! has been my website for 18 years now, and largely ignored for 7 years. I am currently porting it over to WordPress, and hope to keep it updated going forward.

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Hisself Lived on the water for over a decade. If you are into Boating, you’ll enjoy this!!

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Paul Simon sang about Fifty ways to Leave Your Lover, but only gave a few…. Here are the rest!!

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And if you like THAT conspiracy, you will loose yourself for days in HERE!!.

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Here is my famous directory of US Government agencies

TPO’s Financial Sites

I have just completed a comprehensive listing of a ton of Financial Web Sites that you will surely enjoy.

O’Page, Part 2 — TPO’s Other Ton of Sites (you gotta GO !!!)

What ever you do, don’t miss TPO’s other Web links .   There’s more here than you might think….
I just had to break it away to speed up loading times!!

Single Malt Scotch Sites

The TPO is an aficionado of Single Malt Scotch, and is often found tasting the delights of the highlands.   A great starting point in the great Scotch search is the    The Single Malt Scotch Page.   Combining Scotch and cigars (see the next section) is an art, as you will see at The Royal Scotch & Cigar Club of America.   You would also do well to stop by the Single Malt Scotch Society and the Scotch Whisky Cottage .    A lot can be learned about Scotch by reading The Malt Advocate .    Two great WWW sources for buying Single malts is the Central Liquor Site , and the Park Avenue Liquor whose Single Malt Scotch Price List is online.    The TPO Hisself, is preferential to the ISLAY MALTS.    One of his favorites is the 16 year old Lagavulin.    C.B. Hannegan has a decent Site on Single Malt Whiskies .

TPO’s Smokin’ Cigar Sites

One of the best smoke sites on the net is JR Tobacco.   (try their Casa Blanca Jerobaum (in the Maduro))    If you are into Fine Cigars (like the TPO is….)   you’ll find a good selection at Cigar Sites.   I am preferential to Arturo Fuente cigars, (Hemingway Masterpiece is my usual)   or the Canones Maduro. Smoking accessories can be found at the Fuji Publishing Cigar Page .   SMOKE Magazing. is always a great read and   in case you still need more, here’s a list of Cigar Sites on the Net. TPO Hisself has a Master database of cigars HERE. And finally, a collection of everything Cigar related that didn’t fit here.

TPO’s Internet Tech Pages

In the interest of faster loading, I have created a Tech Page that includes the Plug-in Central for all your Virtual Reality and other plug-in needs!!!   Also here, you’ll find everything you need to know (and the software) to connect a network to the Internet, HTML primers, GIF, databases, backgrounds, textures, lines and misc.   items for creating web pages, NASA sites, robotics, network security (and/or) hacking information (and software)    also, everything you might want to know about ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, Fiber Optics, PGP encryption and many other goodies, this has long been a favorite stop of many techies, and now it is even bigger and better!

Full noodle frontery will not be displayed on thr O’Pages. This site contains a substantial amount of non-tobacco ingredients. We support the natural release of dihydrogen monoxide from the atmosphere. We also comply with the data recycling act of 1997. We respect and celebrate St. Swithin’s Day. This site is Y2K Complacent. We fully support efforts to save the world’s remaining octothorpes in their natural habitat. The surgeon general warns that doing most anything can be harmful. Member of FDIC. Batteries not included. Some assembly may be required. No animals were harmed in the testing of these pages, although some were aroused. This site was pre-recorded for this time zone.

This statement was prepared upon the urging and advise
of our legal counsel, Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.

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