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Live Chat Scenes

The latest rage on the WWW is theVIP-Virtual Irish Pub, stop by for a pint, and meet some friends at any of the bars located there. It's always worth the trip ! and tell the gang that TPO sent ya ok? Sometimes the VIP is crowded, and we migrate over to Paddy Net, then perhaps L'Hotel or the Talker or Cybersight . Also popular are WebChat , rival, WebSpeak , Cafe Kyoto, in Japan, and another Japan related server, Japan Window at Stanford University. There's also WebChat Sweeden, Cyber Sight , Net Central Chat , Peach Chat , and at a new chat link at anABC affiliate.

Rugby Players - The Scrum O' the Earth

Rugby Fans, will want to see the official Rugby Home Page.There's also a Rugby Union Page and (for those that care) Rugby League Page. Just about anything about Rugby can be found at Rugby Information On-Line. The Virginia RFU has a decent page (for a bunch of guys that can't read!).. Speaking of lower life forms... You have to visit the Missoula Maggots home of the nearly famous Maggot Fest... (but be sure that all women and children are out of the room first (these guys are bad!!)

TPO's Ski Sites

While I am somewhat less than an Olympic skier, I do have a fondness for the snow. Most of these sites are less than fully explored, but what the heck... I've been on the slopes !Let's start with Ski America, they have a rather comprehensive and impressive site. The San Francisco Ski Club and theBay Area Ski Connection are in my back yard.Ski Colorado is a bit farther east, and thenSouthland Ski Resources farther south.Melissa (from Boston) is one of the great Ski Goddesses of all time, and she does her skiingin Maine and Vermont. There are some great Northeast ski sites too. And a final Maine Guide for good measure.Moguls Ski & Sun Vacations will get you wherever you want to be.Ski-A-Rama is a must see site also.If you are looking for ski conditions, try Travel File Ski Conditionsperhaps you need more? Try these comprehensive lists of links for Reports or Clubs and other Misc. Ski links

Chili Heads Goodies

Check out this GREAT recipe site!!! Epicurious.Here's a winner!! Baron Foods has an award winning hot sauce that is to die for !!Jeff McFadden's Religious Experience Salsa page is a great place to spend the afternoon. (Pretty damn good salsa too... if I do say so meself !!!) Chili Heads Home Page is a must stop. As is the Chili Heat ScaleThere are always plenty of recipes and order forms at Lotsa Hotsa . Chili and And if you're in the D.C. area, you'll want to plan a trip to the Red Sage.

TPO would appreciate ANY chili related links !! Thanks !

O'My ... looking for a Job??

One of the best Job search sites that I have found is the Monster Board other important sites are Job Center and Australia's JobNet. Educational Vacancies abound, as do a lot of links to Australian Agencies. While we are looking at Australia's opportunities, let's look at Employment Ops In Australia.A great forms based selection can be found at Professionals On Line.

TPO's Book Store

TPO likes to read... and read... and read. I find my books in a number of places, I usually start any search at the Amazon Book Shop . If they don't have it, my next stop is likely to be MacMillian Books. Cork University Press Is an excellent source of Irish academic works. If it is an underground,or unusual book, I'll go to Atomic Books , and if my selection is an antique or rare book, I can be sure to find it at Antiquarian Book Sellers . The net also has reviews for Cook Books. Need info from a reference work? try this Reference Section. One of TPO's favorite resources is the CIA World Fact Book .although you will find great amounts of info at both Martindale Reference desk and the World Library

Here is a list of BOOKS the TPO has been reading lately

TPO's ways of getting the O'News

An Plobacht (RepublicanNews) , for news of Northern Ireland., , the Belfast Telegraph-On Line provides it's own slant on the news in Northern Ireland. San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle . CNN Gopher Arvhives , C-Span Gopher Archive , Chicago Tribune , New York Times , San Diego Transcript , San Jose Mercury News , Hot Page Magazine
Here's a list of USA Newspapers arranged by state States A-M and States N-Z quite a nice listing!!

And for computer news

CMP publishing Inc. , InfoWorld , PC Magazine , PC Week , Ziff Davis Publishing , InfoWorld , Net Surfer Magazine , Computer Shopper , Discover Magazine , Internet World , Internet Voyager , Internet Newsletter , Fiber Optic News , Scientific American

TPO's Jazz and Blues Riffs

I have always loved Jazz and Blues (my favorite musicians are the old standards... Porter, Coltraine, the Diz, Billie Holliday, Billy Ekstine and all the rest.... unfortunately, none of them have pages on the web, so I visit the next best thing... See the Official sites for David Sanborn and Stevie Ray Vaughn. The latest news in the Jazz world can be found in Jazz On Line Magazine. Great club info and concert info can be found on Jazz Net , and you can probably find ANY record in this great Jazz Search site.

The Blues Highway is always a great starting point for Blues on-line, with plenty of options for great music., If you love the Blues, just stop by the BluesWeb or Blues Collection . Then you might want to stop by theBlues Music Page. And why not stop by the King's place.... Home of B. B. King Another great Blues site (well, well worth your time) is the BluesNet. OOPS !!! almost forgot to tell you about the Blues Channel Speaking of Blues, why not send someone a postcard from the House of Blues .

TPO's Pretty Painless Public Policy O'Page

Besides being an Irish Republican, I also tend towards conservative Republican thought in U.S. Political circles... I am somewhere between a Republican and a Libertarian, and read a lot of policy papers and books from the Cato Institute and from the Institute for Public Policy Innovation. Since leaving the White House several years ago, James Baker has set up The Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. Other favorite think tanks that I enjoy are Institute for Policy Research and Evaluation , Institute for Policy Analysis " at the Univ. of Toronto, and the Institute for Public Policy Study at the U. of Michigan.

TPO's learnin to fly an O'Plane !!

Buy an airplane (or fantasize about it)... visit the Aircraft Shopper On-Line . No matter what your O'Pleasure, ( if it is a plane) you'll find a picture of it at the Aviation Image Archive (the GIF files make great wallpaper too!!..) Smilin Jack's Airport is a super aviation page, as is Island Time and the The Aviation Home Page" Not to be confused with The Aviators Pages

TPO's Live Camera Sites

San Francisco Bay , San Diego Bay , Iguana Cam Fish Cam , Steve's Head Cam , Softronics' Pikes Peak Cam and I've got a lot more great Live Camera Sites for the really, really weird.

TPO's Things O' the Day

We'll start with Word of the Day and move on to the Joke of the Day , and the Deep Thought of the Day , and Quote of the Day. Then we can stopby the (near famous) Cool site of the Day.

Misc. O'Laney

You just GOTTA visit the Dead People Server, and I'm not even going to tell you what it is !!! Everyone's got their favorite conspiracy, but here's where you can find The 50 Greatest Conspiracies of all time!!Investor's Edge is an extremely innovative site not to be missed !!!We have all wanted to know the weather forecast at 3:00 AM... now you can have it with the Interactive Weather Channel. I always enjoy the Asian flavor when I stop by Philippine Home Page . You can find some great jump points (compliments of NetManage). I don't know who Guiardin Luc is, but he always has some quite unusual jump points you don't want to miss. If you are looking for a job, read the Job Market Magazine . And finally, anyone I would probably enjoy the News of the Weird mail list. They also have a Weird Archive Site This might be the best Movie Database on the net !!!

Disclaimer !!!

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